Buying or Selling a Business
If you are considering selling your business you need the assistance of a professional.
I would like the opportunity to discuss with you the services we provide. There are
no up-
front fees
for these services. We pay for all advertising and marketing costs associated
with the sale of your business. We will advertise your business on 9 Major businesses for
sales Websites

We don’t sell houses, warehouses or vacant lots - only businesses.  We are ready to
go to work selling your business. Only a professional, experienced, and licensed agent
should handle the sale of your business. For a prompt and professional response to your
questions please contact me at AA Business Sales.

Services Provided

  • Price Evaluation
  • Marketing Plan
  • Major Websites Advertising
  • Screening and Evaluating Buyers
  • Franchise Transfers
  • Lease Transfers
  • New Leases
  • Guidance through Escrow to Closing

For a prompt, professional response to your questions,
contact me at AA Business Sales. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions by Sellers:

What Happens When There is A Buyer For My Business?
First and foremost continue to run the business in an aggressive, growth-oriented way. Do
not let up on business operations during the marketing period. You should make most
decisions in the best interest of the long-term objectives of the company.
Maintain up to date financial information. Work with your accountant to provide monthly
statements with year to date numbers. Real buyers want real data, usually no more that 60
days old. Once an agreement is reached between buyer and seller, buyers generally want
to close as soon as possible. It is important to keep all matters pertaining to the sale
confidential until the closing so that the business operations are not altered by employees,
competitors or clients.

Why is Seller Financing So Important?
In many cases, businesses listed for all cash simply do not sell. A seller demanding all cash
can expect offers with discounts of 10 to 30%. With reasonable terms, the chances of a
sale increase dramatically. Since very few lenders will finance the sale of a small company,
seller financing may be the only way to sell your business. You will also receive interest
from the note which can greatly increase the total amount received. Most of all, seller
financing tells the buyer emphatically that the seller believes the company can make the

What Can I Do To Help Sell My Business?
We will assist in the preparation of an offer. Our Standard Purchase Contract will spell out
the buyer's offer in detail. The offer may contain several contingencies and will specify due
diligence the buyer will perform. You can expect to be asked for Tax Returns, Bank
Statements, Sales Tax Reports and any other documents necessary to prove the financial
performance of the business, usually for at least the past three years. Additionally, the
buyer will want to review the lease, franchise agreement or other contracts that will effect
the business after the sale.
All offers will be presented to you for your consideration. You always have the right to
accept an offer, issue a counter proposal or reject the offer. It is important to know that if
you don't accept the offer, a buyer can withdraw at any time. Be prepared to do some
work at this point in the process. People from all over the world are seeking business
opportunities in our area. Different nationalities and cultures approach negotiations in far
different ways. You should take the time to consider all offers carefully and seriously.
There may be some definite positives in the offer and the negatives may be offset with
careful negotiations. Often, the
first buyer turns out to be the best.

How are businesses priced?
Although supply and demand will ultimately effect the price of a business, there are "rules
of thumb" or formulas used to arrive at the proper market value. Your business broker will
explain that a review of financial information will be necessary before a price or range of
prices may be suggested. Most sellers have some idea about what their business should sell
for - and this is certainly taken into consideration. However, the business broker is familiar
with market considerations and, by reviewing the financial information, can make a
recommendation of what he or she feels the market will dictate. A range is normally set
with a high and low price.
Since a large number of business sales are seller-financed, the down payment and terms of
the sale are very important. In some cases, how the sale of the business is structured is
more important than the actual selling price.